Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Giving Thanks

I had expected (and at some level hoped) that Thanksgiving this year would pass without much thought or attention. It’s not that I don’t love the holiday and all that it represents, rather it was being away from home during this time, knowing that family would be gathering and we would be missing out, that made me want the day to go by like any other ordinary Thursday.

But even here in Mexico there were many references to the holiday – with the American television station broadcasting Macy’s Parade preparations, Mexican radio stations acknowledging the day for all Americans living here, and even emails on the Newcomers website by Americans about where to buy turkeys and canned pumpkin.

So I was especially grateful that my friend Christine and her husband Kip invited us over for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at their house. It was wonderful to be able to think about and appreciate the holiday and have good friends to share it with. And this year was a treat for both Sonny and me – he got to eat turkey on thanksgiving for the first time in years, and I got to experience my very first turkey dinner. Even though I didn’t eat any turkey, there were a number of delicious side dishes that Christine had prepared, as well as the traditional pumpkin pie for dessert.

Asha had a great time as well, playing with Christine’s dog Sacha (and feeding her cookies), and hanging out with her pal, baby Charlotte.


Nipa said...

I am sooo confused....do you eat meat or don't you??!

Rupal said...

Yes, I eat chicken occasionally.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - Asha is such a gorgeous little girl - she's so grown up and such a fashion plate (Lucy still looks rather scraggly most of the time, bless her).

And cute dog too - my dad has a vizsla - sarah

chessiakelley said...

I also am prone to missing home during the holidays (I'm an expat in Costa Rica). This thanksgiving I discovered a wonderful way to communicate with my very spread out family members. There is a new video messaging/chat service on the web called ooVoo that allows up to 6 people to conference call at the same time! All my brothers and sisters got on-and it wasn't sterile at all-we had a blast. I highly recommend it for anyone far away from those you love. It is ridiculously easy to use, and free of course. Check it out-ooVoo

Anonymous said...


I do love looking at blogs and had saved yours some time ago! What caught my eye on this one is the Vizsla....we have one we love!

Your little girl is beautiful!!

Sarah and family are going to Scotland for Christmas to be with Richard's family.

Happy Holidays!
Ruth Leeper (Sarah's mom) also known as Nana