Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Despite the passing of Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, it hadn’t much felt like Christmas around here until recently. Normally in the States we see Christmas decorations taking over malls, stores and people’s yards as early as Halloween. And starting Thanksgiving weekend, I would start planning my own holiday festivities – at least in my head. This year, however, I had not realized that it is Christmastime – my absolute favorite time of year – because we will be away from our home. Therefore, I have not been planning to decorate my apartment, bake Christmas cookies, or even go Christmas shopping at the malls here.

So it is with a mixture of pleasure and sadness that I have come to realize that despite my own self absorption, the rest of the world has begun to prepare for Christmas. I mention that this makes me a bit sad only because I am not preparing for the holiday in the way I am so used to, by obsessing over personalized Christmas cards (we will return to the States too late to be able to mail them), putting up my fresh pine tree (it would die in the heat while we are away anyway) and sipping hot chocolate to warm my insides while my outside freezes its butt off (here I typically settle for an iced cappuccino because most days are too warm for hot chocolate).

Suddenly, though, I am starting to get really excited about the holiday. Everywhere you look Christmas is in the air – the lobby of our apartment has been decorated with poinsettias, there are beautifully decorated Christmas trees in all the shop windows, and even at my gym, and Christmas lights in trees and lamp posts have livened the streets here in Polanco.

Despite not decorating the house, we started getting into the Christmas spirit by taking Asha to the mall to see the trees and have her picture taken with Santa. After several attempts to get her to sit on Santa’s lap, we had to resort to bribing her with her a lollipop – smiles not guaranteed. (Maybe we'll post that photo next time). A few days later, we went to a Christmas cookie decorating party at my friend Tracey’s house, where Asha had tons of fun eating the sprinkles, jimmies and other decorations straight from the box and off anyone’s cookies she could get her hands on. Next week, we may even go ice skating at the Zocalo.

Still, there is something weird about listening to “Let it Snow,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Sleigh Ride” in 70 degree weather.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Luxuries of Mexico City

So I am back to posting on the blog (disclaimer being that while I am the only one who feels I am the better looking of the two, everyone knows that my wife is the better writer, so please forgive me if this drags, or is otherwise on a level below the other posts).

My weekend here will help explain why I love the luxuries we have in Mexico…

HAIRCUT: Friday afternoon I went for a haircut to my usual place, where now know me, and welcome me as a king. I sit in a nice comfortable chair, where first a guy comes around with a stack of magazines for me to pick from, I chose the Latin version of GQ, so I can see all the things I can not afford. Next a different guy comes around with a drink cart filled with coffees, waters, drinks (scotch, tequila, beer, etc). Of course, I chose a beer, although they already know which one I want and are bringing it to me, while someone else was showing me the drink cart. Next comes someone to offer me a manicure and pedicure; I politely decline (because one, I am a man and men don´t do these things, but more importantly, then I would not be able to yell at Rupal when she gets them, not that it ever deters her). Next comes the guy to shine my shoes - sometimes I avail myself to this service - though today I am in sandals so I politely decline (I do reconsider the pedicure, but then decline that as well). Finally, a guy comes around offering me a portable Play Station, but I decline this as well, as I have my Spanish magazine and my blackberry.

Now onto the haircut (in case you forgot why I was here): I fall back into the lounge chair and get my usual haircut AND then the best part of the whole experience when the barber proceeds to give me a neck and back massage. Then as I am leaving, a guy comes up and helps wipe all the hair off of my shirt, while asking if I had my car valet parked (I walk to this place, but it is nice to know they have valet service).

PARTY: That evening, we went to party (maybe Rupal will post about it) at an apartment complex a few blocks from our place. All I can say about this party is that the apartment was huge, modern and one of the nicest (with an incredible view) that I have seen nearly anywhere. The complex offered valet parking, a door man to open the door, hold the elevator open and push the button to the floor to which we were headed. The only thing more he could have done was carry us inside.

MOVIES: Saturday night we went to a movie with our good friends Eliseo and his wife Marisol. One of the theaters in Polanco offers VIP seating, which means, for one thing, we reserve our seat location when purchasing tickets. The theaters are filled not with the traditional seats in stadium seating, but rather with leather armchairs which lean all the way back and have a leg rest that pops up - basically like sitting in first class on a nice airline carrier. The chairs are in pairs of two, so each set has its own area to place purses, food, etc. Each set of seats also comes with a thick blanket (Rupal did not share with me - but it was nice to know it was there). Before the movie starts, a waitress comes around takes your order for not only the usual movie stuff like popcorn, soda, candy, but also like food like pizzas, hot dogs and ice cream, and most importantly, drinks (beer anyone?) I am not sure how good the movie was, but the accommodations were so good that I fell asleep for about an hour, and let me tell you, this was the best money I have spent in a while.

So this is my life here in Mexico - it is tough, I know, but I have learned to deal with it. I did not get into the live in maid or the driver we have who runs all my errands (like paying bills, picking up dry cleaning, etc), but I suppose this is enough for one day.

Friday, December 7, 2007


It could be that I am completely ready for potty training, or I could just be going through some really weird phase that Mommy & Daddy pray I outgrow before my teenage years, but lately I get overtaken by this urge to remove my pants. It happens at random moments of the day(though luckily always at home - so far): I could just be playing in the living room or having quiet time in my crib when I feel this sudden urge to remove my pants and hang out in my diaper.

Well today Mommy walked into my room after naptime to find me again without any pants on. I had strewn them, as well as my diaper, across the room, and was standing up, dancing in my crib, buck nacked from the waist down.