Friday, December 7, 2007


It could be that I am completely ready for potty training, or I could just be going through some really weird phase that Mommy & Daddy pray I outgrow before my teenage years, but lately I get overtaken by this urge to remove my pants. It happens at random moments of the day(though luckily always at home - so far): I could just be playing in the living room or having quiet time in my crib when I feel this sudden urge to remove my pants and hang out in my diaper.

Well today Mommy walked into my room after naptime to find me again without any pants on. I had strewn them, as well as my diaper, across the room, and was standing up, dancing in my crib, buck nacked from the waist down.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, I remember that stage. I was in a changeroom once and turned around to find Guerita naked from the waist down, dancing in front of the mirror!