Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bunnies & Crafts & Eggs, Oh My!

Last Saturday we went to the Newcomers Annual Easter Party, which had promised to be a fun-filled family event. Now that Mommy is the president of Newcomers, Daddy and I are obligated to participate in many more of the activities than we did before. In fact, Mommy’s new position has meant more involvement and work even for our driver, Arturo – who, along with other board members’ drivers, helped fill hundreds of plastic Easter eggs with chocolate, and scoured the city to locate helium balloons at the last minute – and our housekeeper, Aurora, who came to the party to help the other maids ensure a steady supply of drinks and to help chaperone the children’s craft tables.

It turned out to be a beautiful – if slightly hot – day and Miss Virginia’s garden, where the event took place, was the perfect setting, overlooking the mountains and valleys of Mexico City. I loved hunting for chocolate filled eggs with my pals (and made lots of new friends), got my picture taken for two different newspapers (which Mommy will upload when we get a copy) and made lots of crafts using cool things like googley-eyes, pipe cleaners and puff balls, not to mention glitter, stickers and crayons.

However, the thing to which I had most looked forward was meeting the Easter Bunny, because Mommy had been talking to me about it for weeks (not wanting a repeat of last year’s Santa picture wherein I was crying and reaching out to Mommy to remove me from the jolly old fellow’s lap). So when the Easter Bunny finally came out, I was really excited, only to find myself taken aback when meeting him. It wasn’t that I was scared of him – quite the contrary – because this guy looked strangely familiar. After a minute or two, I figured out that this guy wasn’t the Easter Bunny at all – it was Arturo dressed up in the Easter Bunny’s clothes! I figure this must have been because, like Santa, the Easter Bunny has so many rounds to make this time of year, so his helpers must dress up like him to visit all the kids. As a good sport, I didn’t spoil the fun and break the news to all my pals – but really, who knew that our driver was one of the Easter Bunny’s personal helpers!

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