Monday, May 28, 2007

Mi Vida Mexicana

For nearly a week Mommy has been promising to introduce me to some babies, since I am really into them lately. Well, at least in theory. I love photos of babies - especially of me when I was small - and of my cousins Bryce and Ajay. And while I am not all that interested in babies when I see them in person (probably because Mommy doesn’t let me poke them in the eyes and yell “Eyes!”, I do tend to remember them when they are not around. So at any random moment of the day I will yell out “Baby Mischa” or “Baby Mina”, who are Mommy’s friends’ babies. I also demand – the minute Daddy gets home from work - that he show me pictures of Ajay or Bryce on his blackberry. So Mommy thought that I would be really excited to meet some new babies and children here in Mexico City.

To that end, we hosted a playgroup at our house last week, where I met a bunch of children, and my new friend Remi, who qualifies as a baby to me, since she is 4 months younger than I. Then on Saturday I met Mommy & Daddy’s friends Aliseo and Marisol, and their children, Eduardo and Lorenzo. Lorenzo really is a baby – only 10 months old – and Eduardo is almost two. We went to a nice lunch at a restaurant near our house called Buena Tierra (Good Earth), and then went on to the park where I proceeded to smack at least six children (Daddy counted), one of them being Eduardo. I should point out that the beating of Eduardo began at the restaurant, mostly just to see what would happen. And Mommy and Daddy thought my hitting phase was behind me.

In all fairness, though, I did have a very hectic day (we had spent a few hours walking to and browsing around the Saturday market and went to the park earlier in the day as well) leaving no time f
or a nap. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy had little sympathy and forced me to leave the park early due to my behavior.

All the excitement of Saturday left Sunday a total bore, with Mommy & Daddy going furniture shopping without me. It wasn’t so bad, though, because I got to spend time with Aurora, my new favorite person.

Speaking of Favorites, here’s a list of some recent ones:

Expression: “Salut!” (God Bless You in Spanish – although I tend to pronounce it “salup” and then laugh hysterically) and “Uh-oh, it broke” (in Gujarati)

Toys: Anything Dora (mostly so I can give her a kiss); Winnie the Pooh ride on car (or any “motorcar” for that matter); puzzles (with which I get frustrated if I can’t figure them out on the first try); balls (I’m learning how to throw – hopefully I haven’t inherited Mommy’s “athletic” genes).

Books: Peekaboo Polar Bear; Shapes; Coco the Chick

Foods: Chicken any style; chocolate cookies and M&Ms both of which I have just discovered (much to Mommy’s dismay)

Hobbies: running around the apartment deliriously, trying to find Aurora and get her to stop her work to pick me up; going for walks; trying to spot “doggies” everywhere we go; taking apart and putting back together my play mat; inspecting Mommy’s elbows; intentionally breaking things so I can use one of my favorite expressions.

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