Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Nitty Gritty, Down and Dirty

I’m talking soles of the feet so black that they have no hope of rescue from even the most scouring of pedicures; pollution masking the view of mountains only a few miles away, and faint traces of sewage problems when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

Okay, so maybe all cities are a little dirty, and maybe I am making too much of this because it is my first time not living in the ‘burbs and driving everywhere, and maybe we were warned about the pollution in Mexico City. Still, the grime is taking some getting used to (and by used to, I mean the ability to not cringe when I look at the bottom of my feet or maneuver Asha’s stroller around mucky puddles on broken sidewalks). Our apartment offers little refuge - it seems like the people who lived here before us must never have dusted or sanitized the apartment. It has taken weeks of daily sweeping and mopping to remove the thick film of dirt off the hardwood floors, countless Febreeze sprayings and scented candle lightings to somewhat dissipate the musty, wet dog odor in Asha’s bedroom (though we haven’t completely succeeded), and some serious scrubbing down of walls and shelves to make the apartment livable. But, ah, what a view we have.

Well, okay, the view changes as well, depending on the level of pollution at any given moment. From the pictures you can see what I’m talking about - when the rain has cleared some of the dust and pollution in the air, you can see the mountains in the distance (albeit still a little hazy). Otherwise, it’s as though they don’t exist. Lest we get too used to the view, the pollution troll keeps us on our toes.

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