Thursday, May 17, 2007

My New Digs

It’s been a week since Mommy and I arrived in Mexico and I have to say that it has been very interesting. I love my new home – it is much bigger than my old house, especially my room. Here, I can run around all on one floor, hide in the dozens of closets and explore my new surroundings. We also have a couple of people who seem to be around all the time: Arturo, who runs errands for Daddy and drives us to the grocery store and Costco and even the children’s park if it’s too hot to walk; and Aurora, who helps Mommy around the house and cooks for us when Mommy doesn’t want to (which is pretty much every day). The best thing about having Arturo and Aurora around is that they teach me words and phrases in Spanish, like hola, gracias, and Buenos Dias. There is a children’s park nearby where we go almost every day, but it’s hard to get a turn on the swings because there are so many children there, and Mommy isn’t aggressive enough to grab a swing when someone gets off. Personally, I would’ve knocked the little kid with the lollipop off yesterday if Mommy weren’t looking.

While all of this is great, the best part about being in Mexico is that I am with Daddy again. He was living here by himself for nearly two months in a hotel, and I know it was very lonely for him. He worked a lot, which he still does, but then the only thing he had to look forward to when he got back to the hotel at nights was watching episodes of the West Wing and Miami Vice on DVD. (By the way, anyone ever heard of a guy named Don Johnson?) So I know that Daddy is as happy to see me as I am to see him.

I do of course miss hanging out with my grandparents because I used to see them every day, (although in some ways it’s like I never left because they sure do call a lot). And I miss my cousins and aunts and uncles – in fact, I talk about them all the time to Mommy. And I make Mommy sing the lullaby my Dadi (Daddy’s Mom) sings to me every night, and the prayers my Nani (Mommy’s Mom) says with me. And every time I eat papaya (which is a lot) I think about my Dada (Grandpa) because he used to feed it to me in New Jersey. So even though I am enjoying my days here, not having them around is hard for me. Mommy and Daddy think that my recent clinginess and inability to sleep through the night is somehow related to missing my family and my routine from New Jersey. I don’t know about that, but I do know that now is the time to milk this for all it’s worth – pretty soon I will get adjusted to my new life here, and their guilt will ease up. Which is why I am taking this opportunity to demand balloons every time we go to the park (only Daddy gives in, though – I think it’s the additional guilt of being away from me for two months), ignoring Mommy when she tells me not to throw things from my high chair, whining until I get to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed at night and generally just insisting on having what I want when I want it. Good times for all.

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