Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Greetings from the Newbie

So this is my first entry into the Blog… I was really skeptical about starting it, but after reading Rupal and Asha’s posts over the last few months, I have come to realize what a great way it is to keep a running diary of our adventures, trials and tribulations while living aboard. (I should never question my wife – she really is the smartest woman I’ve ever met [and the editor of this post in case you haven’t guessed]).

As Rupal had noted, I lived in a hotel and out of a suitcase my first few months here in Mexico, while she and Asha stayed behind in the US. I made multiple trips back to the US and around Mexico pretty much on a weekly basis so I was unable to settle in and experience a lot of things around Mexico City. However, for the past month since Rupal and Asha have been here we have started to develop a routine and Mexico has really begun to like home.

For starters, we have been going to the park pretty often – the weather here (so far) is much more temperate than in NJ, and Asha has a blast at the park, so we have been trying to go often. We also go to the Saturday market pretty regularly, where you can buy everything from fresh produce to bootlegged DVDs for $2.50 to household cleaning supplies to clothing, believe it or not. Our center city location makes it easy to walk to these places as well as the supermarket, restaurants, etc. Rupal somehow thinks all this walking will help us both lose weight, but she forgets that some of my favorite things about being in the city are going to a nearby bakery called El Globo for fresh bread and croissants everyday, and to the various liquor stores in the area (surprise, surprise).

Some days life feels familiar (like when I get home from work and, after putting Asha to bed, Rupal and I veg out in front of the tv – the only difference from NJ being that here when we say there’s nothing on tv, there really is nothing on tv, at least in English). On other days it feels different – like when we went out of the city this past weekend to Cuernavaca. Of course there is still work, but let’s save that discussion for a different time and place. Oh, and to be clear, by work I don’t mean housework. Since we have a live-in maid here, I have not done anything around the house since I’ve been in Mexico (Rupal might argue that it has been even longer). In my defense, though, I was living in a hotel for two months and have completely lost touch with housework. Although, while Rupal and Asha are in the US, I am planning on doing a few things around the house, such as painting, and maybe even getting around to installing the smoke detectors. Although, who knows - I might take it upon myself to buy new furniture (i.e., a billiards table) and completely decorate the apartment. You’ll just have to check back in to see what Rupal comes home to in a few weeks.

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