Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Visitors from Afar

These past few days have been the best ones I’ve had in Mexico. Dada had come from New Jersey to visit me, even though Mommy and I are planning to go back home in just a couple of weeks. I guess he couldn’t wait to see me – and boy did I feel the same way.

Since he claimed from the beginning that all he wanted to do was spend time with me, and since he and Dadi are going to come back at the end of the summer (but mostly because Mommy and Daddy haven't figured out the roads yet), we didn’t really take him sightseeing or anywhere special (unless you count Costco, where Dada got very excited at the prospect of being able to buy exactly the same things he buys in NJ). So this is how Dada and I spent our time together:

- At the park trying to feed the pigeons (Dada was very interested in feeding pigeons that didn't seem to want to land near us - probably because of all the dogs running around);

- Sitting in the arm chair together, simultaneously reading Peekaboo Polar Bear and watching the Bloomberg network to see how Dada’s investments are doing;

- Me yelling “hathi computer” when I wanted to see pictures of elephants on the laptop, and Dada patiently obliging, 7-8 times per day;

- Going to Chapultepec Park (which turns out is just like Central Park but with a train ride around the park in lieu of Wallman Rink);

- Taking Dada to the Saturday market we visit religiously where the vendors let you sample all the fruit before buying, and Mommy, Daddy and Dada - brave souls -ate street tacos;

- Just hanging out on Dada’s lap all day –during meals, naps, and even while I had my haircut on Saturday (the first time I didn't shed a tear during such a tortorous event).

You can probably tell that I had the time of my life. I think Dada had a great time too, even though he didn’t get to see much around Mexico City. And I've decided that the best part about living away from family and friends is that we get to have lots of visitors. (In fact, a few weeks ago, Aurelie Mami’s brother and sister-in-law, Thomas and Elsa visited us from Paris for a few days – below are pictures from our trip to Xochimilco Gardens with them). I can’t wait until we have even more visitors!

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