Sunday, August 5, 2007

Split Personality

Since I have been back in Mexico, I have resorted to what I like to dub my “adjustment period behavior” which in layman’s terms is basic Terrible Two’s toddler-hood. I just like to call it that because it gives me more leeway with Mommy and Daddy, as they think my behavior is due to missing everyone back in NJ. To give you an idea of what’s been going on around here (and to help you thank your lucky stars that you are in the US and not here), here is the rundown: I was waking up about 2-3 times per night (I just recently started sleeping through the night again), and I spend about 50% of my waking time either: (a) whining incessantly for milk, water, candy, books, my blankie, or anything else that comes to mind; (b) getting frustrated and throwing pens, block, books and puzzles when they don’t perform exactly how I want them to, at the exact moment I want them to; and (c) crying hysterically when something gets wet or dirty, whether it is on me, or someone else.
But all is forgiven because I spend the remainder of my time giving lots of hugs and kisses to Mommy and Daddy without even being asked, just because I love them; running away and squealing in delight when I think someone is looking for me; hiding behind doors; counting to ten in Spanish (and sometimes English); and asking very nicely to watch “Put Down the Duckie."

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