Saturday, August 11, 2007


A few days ago I had the best surprise of my life – Dada and my friend Pearl Didi came to visit me in Mexico! I had no idea that they were going to come because everyone kept it a big secret from me - and while they succeeded at surprising me, I didn’t quite have the excited and frenzied reaction everyone had hoped for. In fact, you could say that I freaked out a bit at seeing them standing in my foyer, and started crying for Mommy and Aurora. So much so that Mommy had to stop videotaping so she could pick me up. I don’t quite know what came over me, but after a few minutes, I was okay and really started having a blast with them. Of course it didn’t hurt that Pearl brought me lots of presents.

After all the excitement of the morning, Thursday afternoon we went to Granja de los Americas (Farm of the Americas) where they had lots of baby animals we could touch and pet – calfs, kids, ponies, and even bunnies. I think Pearl liked the bunnies the best because we could pick them up, feed them and uddle with them. I even went on my first-ever (pseudo) pony ride. Mommy was quite surprised that I enthusiastically climbed up on the pony all ready to ride – it was only when the pony started walking away from Mommy, Dada and Pearl that I started to scream “Downie! Want Downie!” Still, it was a great photo op, and otherwise I had a blast with the animals.

To add to the surprises, on Friday Daddy came home from work early bringing with him our brand new car! We got a VW Bora, which is a model we don’t see in the US, but can best be described as in between a Jetta and a Passat. Mommy and Daddy decided on this car because we can’t have anything too big – if you saw our garage and parking spots you would understand why. They had placed the order for the car a few weeks ago, but being on Mexican Standard Time, we figured we wouldn’t get it until at least September. Instead, here it is!

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