Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Busy Body

I realize that I have been really behind on my blogging these days – and it is because Mommy, Daddy (M&D) & I have just been so busy with houseguests and vacations.
April was quite a hectic month, starting with a visit from Archan Mama and Aurelie Mami. Even though they were only visiting us for a few days, we packed in a whole lot of fun. Aside from going out to eat (a lot), I took them to the playground I frequent, to parts of Chapuletepec Park and to the market where we regularly shop on Saturdays (which I think was their favorite site in the city – I have never seen anyone get so excited over avocados, tomatoes and imported cheeses). Mommy also went with them on a sightseeing bus tour of the city, including the Zocalo and the National Palace where they were able to see the famous murals painted by Diego Riviera. When we weren’t all busy eating gelato or going to restaurants, we spent our time just hanging out and blowing bubbles, dancing and playing with balloons.

The day after Archan Mama & Aurelie Mami left, Nani came for a visit with her friend, Miss Barbara. Even though Mommy wanted her to do a lot of sightseeing, Nani seemed a lot more interested in spending time with me, so we did a lot of kid friendly things. I took her and Miss Barbara to the Castle at Chaupltepec Park (now that we finally know where it is – and this time we actually visited inside the castle); we went to Puebla for a day to walk around and shop for talavera, and one afternoon I took Nani to a children's farm, where I had a blast holding bunnies and baby chicks, feeding ducks, rabbits and goats and riding on a donkey (which I adamantly insisted was a baby horse).

In the middle of this fun filled visit, Mommy’s best friend, Nipa Masi, came to our house all the way from Philadelphia. She was in town on business and came two days early to stay with us. Even though she and I have not had much bonding time over the past two years, I took to her like a duck to water. I followed her around all day, and tried to get her to play with me, feed me and change my diaper (Mommy swears she didn’t put me to it).

After about a week with a house full of women, Daddy finally got a reprieve from all the estrogen. Nipa Masi went to work, and Nani and Miss Barbara went back to NJ - and I went with them for a little holiday of my own while M&D went on vacation!

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