Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Photo Archive

We have been doing a bit of local traveling over the past several months, trying to soak up some sights in Mexico. Since M&D haven't gotten around to posting any pictures, I have taken it upon myself to pick up the slack, starting with our trip to Los Cabos way back in December. While the town is beautiful and the resort lovely (the pool, naturally being my favorite part), our trip was overshadowed by Daddy catching bronchitis and missing the entire wedding for which we took the trip. Mommy & I managed to attend the wedding just before she followed suit and caught a really bad throat infection, leaving both my parents practically immobile for 3 days. Luckily we had managed one good day before the illnesses set in when we took a boat trip through the Sea of Cortes and got to see lots and lots of sea lions. The rest of the time I spent being a very good girl for M&D, and hanging out with Daddy's cousins, to whom M&D were ever-so-grateful for helping take care of me.

Then, when we returned from our looong trip to the U.S. over Christmas we began taking a few road trips as well: to Puebla with my pal Isabel and her family and to San Miguel de Allende with M&D for a long weekend. Puebla and San Miguel are both colonial towns, the former famous for Mexican Talavera and more churches than any other town in Mexico, and the latter for its views and cobblestone streets, language and arts courses, and what seemed like more Americans per square block than New York City. We also went to Tepotzlan, a bohemian little town about an hour and half away, for a day trip (or more accurately, a long leisurely lunch and stroll through the markets).

M&D still have a number of places left on their “list” that are must-sees before we leave Mexico, so I keep telling them that we had better get moving.

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