Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Newest, Littlest Dalal

No, it is not my baby sister - she doesn't get here until the end of January. But I now have another brand new little cousin brother, Jaiden! He is a little peanut weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces, but he sure does have a lot more hair as newborn
an I did even at 10 months.

Mommy & Daddy think he is pretty darn cute and are a bit bummed about not getting to see him in person for another couple of months. Personally, though, I am not all that into small babies so I am just looking forward to the day that I can dress him up in princess outfits. I figure this has to be less embarassing than the Eagles/Phillies outfits Sagar Kaka will make him wear (much like the ones I was forced to wear by Daddy when I was little). Maybe the men in my family will rethink grooming us little ones into Philadelphia sports fans - it is just way too much heartache!


Anonymous said...

I kept meaning to comment on your morning sickness reference in the last post - congratulations!!! Hope the sickness has passed now and you're feeling well. Will you be going home to have the baby?

Rupal said...

Thanks Guerra - We are very excited about a a little sister for asha (and a bit surprised - everyone thought it was going to be a boy and I fell into that line of thinking). Not sure just yet whether we are staying or going home. I will post about it one of these days. I am still slowly catching up on your summer posts but looks like you are settling into your new place nicely last I read). Have been thinking about you & your girls and will get back to commenting soon.