Monday, September 8, 2008

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Now that the summer is over, I thought I might recap what I did the past few months while we took a hiatus from our blog. It should come as no surprise that Mommy and I were in New Jersey for effectively the entire summer, and spent a whole lot of time with family and friends. We spent most of our weekends traveling, and during the week did very typical suburban things like go to music classes, swim lessons and playdates.

I also spent four days at the Jersey shore with Nani & Mommy. The fact that I have acquired a severe aversion to sand didn't stop me from having a fantastic time on the rides at the boardwalk, the aquarium and even the pool at the hotel. Mommy's favorite part of the trip was getting to eat all the junk food she grew up on at the shore - ice cream, pizza and funnel cakes - which she justified as pregnancy cravings.

The following weekend Mommy and I took a trip to Washington, DC, to spend some quality time with Archan Mama & Aurelie Mami. This was the first time that Mommy & I ventured a drive to Washington all on our own without Nani, who is usually a huge help in distracting me when I get restless in Beltway traffic. But we managed to do ok - even though I did not sleep a wink on the way down - and had a great time eating out, riding the Metro and visiting museums.

Lest anyone think that the vacation was completely relaxing, I went ahead and contracted some crazy virus that spiked a fever as high as 106.1. Nani & Mom rushed me to the hospital, and after 6 hours of tests and waiting, the doctors kindly told us that it was some kind of virus and we just had to wait it out with Tylenol and Motrin. As if Mommy didn't have enough to keep her awake at night (though up until then it was just bouts of morning sickness that struck religiously at 3am).

The good news was that Daddy came into town the next day and within two days I was all better and even able to join my aunts, uncles and cousins in the Hamptons for a long weekend. Mommy describes the weekend as a cross between a wholesome family reunion -slash- college frat party (whatever that means) once the kids were in bed. We celebrated Daddy's birthday with all his cousins, which I think was extra special for him, swam, soaked in the hot tub (except for Mommy), and even managed to survive bathing in ice cold water until the last day when someone figured out how to turn on the hot water heater.

I wish we had more photos to share, but Mommy managed to lose our camera cables that allow us to upload pics, so for now we are relying on the generosity of others who have shared some pictures.

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