Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Two weeks ago was the independence long weekend here in Mexico City, and the perfect excuse to take a mini vacation. The “threat” of returning home to the US has spurred Mommy to get out of the city and squeeze in as much more traveling in Mexico as possible. (To be honest, we did not heed the advice of all those friends who have left Mexico warning us not to wait to travel because we could be booted out at any moment.) So we decided to spend five days in Huatulco, a mostly undeveloped resort area on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca. While Mommy was not looking to go to any more beach resorts - but rather to visit more colonial towns, cities and villages - there was no way we were passing up the untouched beauty of the Oaxacan coastline – its pristine beaches, clear blue skies, uncrowded resorts and amazing scenery.

So along with friends of ours (who also happen to be Daddy’s boss, his wife and their kids, Isabel and Lucia), we rented a four bedroom villa on a cliff overlooking one of Huatulco’s nine beautiful bays. The house came complete with beautiful Mexican d├ęcor, an infinity pool, a pond with fish and turtles, a live parrot, a maid to cook for us (although Daddy was in heaven barbeque-ing nearly every day), and anything else we could ever want, including views of the bay and Pacific Ocean from our shower – but NOT internet and cell phone access (which made Mommy & Dana quite happy). We even brought our housekeeper, Yaneth, with us to help out with me, Isabel & Lucy. So as you can imagine, we had very little reason to leave the villa, and only did so to go on a snorkeling & boat excursion with another mutual friend, Paul, and his family.

Even though I am still going through my weird phase of refusing to touch sand, and refusing to get in the ocean, we managed to have a great time on the boat. I fell asleep within 30 minutes, but not before catching sight of a huge sea turtle swimming in the Pacific, and watching Mommy freak out as Daddy & Paul jumped from the boat into one of the not-so-calm bays just to test out the water. Later, while Yaneth remained on the boat while I napped, Mommy, Daddy and the rest of our friends swam in one of the calmer bays and enjoyed the tranquility of its virgin beach. Even though I missed out on these events, perhaps it was in everyone’s best interest since I was pretty tired and cranky from all the previous days in the sun and heat. Still, M&D are hoping that I very quickly outgrow this fearful phase I have been going through and start enjoying the pool and beach again.

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